What is Magnet?

Magnet Systems powers the next-generation of mobile apps with software, infrastructure and tools to build enterprise-grade mobile solutions that meet the expectations of users today and the demands of tomorrow.

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Magnet Enterprise Architecture

Magnet Max consists of the following:

  • Magnet Mobile Server
  • Magnet SDK
  • Magnet Studio

Magnet Mobile Server

Magnet Mobile Server is the first-ever server built and optimized for mobile applications. This reliable, highly scalable platform comes complete with an array of core services that are essential for enterprise mobile apps, including multi-factor authorization, user management, unified logging and much more.

The server also serves as the connection point to legacy enterprise applications, databases, and other enterprise services. Built in Java, it is instantly familiar to most enterprise developers, allowing them to be productive immediately within this environment.

Magnet SDK

Magnet SDKs for Android and iOS— plus an additional SDK for REST-based web services—make it easy for developers to create mobile client applications with reliable, high-performance connections to the Magnet Mobile Server (and the extensive services it provides). Developers can expect to find essential capabilities for mobile clients such as user management, role-based access, multi-factor authorization, messaging, etc.

Magnet Studio

Magnet Studio is the first comprehensive toolset for modeling and designing mobile-first applications. As the starting point for every enterprise mobile development activity, Magnet Studio enables development teams to adopt, create and share standards and specify app development accountabilities. With Magnet Studio, teams can decouple dependencies, work in parallel, and create apps more quickly—while leveraging enhanced collaboration, consistency and cross-platform development.

Product Highlights for Developers

Powerful mobile application server

Built in authentication, authorization, profile and device management features with enterprise level interoperability, security and control

Built-in XMPP messaging server

Extensible XMPP messaging server enabling reliable, real-time exchange of structured yet extensible data between any two or more devices

Robust channel-based messaging

Threaded user communication channels with public and private controls as well as publish-subscribe support

Ad-hoc business workflow support

Server-based support for creating custom on-the-fly forms and surveys to complete business transactions and get real-time feedback and approvals

Auto-generated mobile libraries

Mobile SDKs are automatically generated through Magnet Service Studio to connect mobile applications to legacy backend services and server logic

Message triggered event support

Customizable events can be triggered by user response to structured message forms and transactions

Cross-platform notification management

Platform driven notifications across iOS, Android or JavaScript with abstracted Magnet notification functionality simplifies development

Integration testing and debugging system

Integrated testing tools within Magnet Service Studio allow for easy debugging of mobile integration wtih backend systems

Product Highlights for Operations

Seamless legacy system integration

Single point of control and access to legacy systems through integrated Magnet application server

Simple authentication system integration

Integrate with existing user authentication systems such as Active Directory, LDAP and SAML

Database abstraction layer

Easily integrate to any back-end relational database

Cloud independent deployment

Self-contained and horizontally-scalable server instance enables easy deployment within any JVM supported on-premise or cloud-based infrastructure