Section 3: How to Upgrade the Magnet Max Server “All-in-One”

This chapter describes how to upgrade the Magnet Max server “All-in-One”. If you have not yet installed Magnet Max server, see Section 2: How to Install the Magnet Max Server “All-in-One” for information about installation and configuration procedures and about issues that you should consider before installing the Magnet Max server.

MAKE DATABASE BACKUPS. This cannot be stressed enough - you should always back up your existing database tables before performing an upgrade.

3.1 Download the latest version of Magnet Max Server

Download the latest package from here:

3.2 Install in fresh directory

Install the Magnet Max server into a different directory than the one currently in use. This will help keep the two versions seperate, so you will be able to stop the upgrade and get the previous version running if there are any issues with the upgrade. After the upgrade is complete you can remove the old installation as desired.

3.3 Copy configuration directory

Copy the installation configuration details from the old Magnet Max server installation directory into the config files in the new installation directory. Ensure that any new configuration parameters have been set properly.

3.4 Made any upgrade specific configuration changes as needed

Some specific configuration changes may be required, depening on the Magnet Max server release. Please consult the "README" file included in the .zip file for more details.

Restart Magnet Max Server 3.0 and any related applications like ElasticSearch. After the restart, you can try the URLs listed in Section 2.9, to confirm that Magnet Max server 3.0 has been upgraded properly and is functioning as expected.