Getting Started on iOS

To get started, open Magnet Studio.

Once you are logged in, we recommend going through our Getting Started Guide. By default the Getting Started Guide is only displayed after initial registration, but it can be accessed in the top right corner of the Magnet Studio Console at any time. The guide contains a brief overview of Magnet Message: you will be guided step by step through implementing in-app messaging in a sample app.

The Getting Started Guide will show you how to:

  1. Install the Magnet Max Cocoapod.
  2. Configure the Magnet Message SDK.
  3. Listen for incoming messages.
  4. Register/sign-in a user, create a channel and post a message to a channel.
  5. Receive messages on your device directly from the Getting Started guide or other devices.

In a few short minutes you will be able to setup your app to use Magnet's powerful in-app messaging!