User Trigger

Magnet Max offers user trigger capability. Users can define customized rules with actions (e.g., send a message to a specific user) that can be triggered if the time AND/OR location condition is satisfied.

By using the User Trigger function, it's easy to achieve the following use cases.

Case 1. A user wants to send a message to anyone in a target group:

  • if target group user(s) are in a specific location AND/OR
  • during a certain timeframe

Case 2. A user wants to get push notifications from anyone in the target group:

  • if the user is in a specific location AND/OR
  • during a certain timeframe

The Magnet Max SDK provides the following APIs to handle the user trigger function.

Create New User Rule

The following creates a new user rule.

let ruleCond = MMUserRuleCondition(type:MMUserRuleConditionType.TIME_AND_LOCATION, timeBegin: Date(timeIntervalSinceNow:28800), locLatitude:37.4518, locLongitude:-122.1151, locCheckUsersId:["uid_01", "uid_02"]) let ruleAction = MMUserRuleAction(targetUsersId:["uid_03"], msgTitle:"VIP", msgBody:"VIP is here") let userRule = MMUserRule(name:"new rule", condition:ruleCond, actions:[ruleAction]) MMUserRule.createUserRule(userRule, success: {(newRule) in //Success }, failure: { (error) in //Failure })

Update Existing User Rule

The following updates an existing user rule. = false MMUserRule.updateUserRule(userRule, success: {(updatedRule) in //Success }, failure: { (error) in //Failure })

Delete User Rule

The following deletes an existing user rule.

MMUserRule.deleteUserRule(userRuleId, success: {() in //Success }, failure: { (error) in //Failure })

Fetch User Rules

You can retrieve user rules by user or by rule ID.

The following will fetch all existing rules created by the current user.

MMUserRule.getAllMyRules(success: {(allRules) in //Success }, failure: { (error) in //Failure })

The following will fetch a user rule with a specific ID.

MMUserRule.getRuleWithID(userRuleId, success: {(userRule) in //Success }, failure: { (error) in //Failure })

Trigger Rule Actions

The following notifies the server that the rule actions should be triggered (e.g., user location condition in the rule is satisfied).

UserRule.trigger(success: {() in //Success }, failure: { (error) in //Failure })