Design and Publish

Design the Service API

Use the Services tab to define the API and the operations that the API will perform on your data object model.

Press the + Add Service button to create a new API service and define the operations that affect your objects.

Services Tab

Import schema

  1. Import a schema from several different sources by selecting Import Schema.

    Import Schema

    The following options are available:

    • Import Sample Schema: Magnet Max has a selection of sample schema that can be imported and used as template, which includes predefined samples
    • Import From Runtime: Automatically import the runtime schema
    • Import Schema From File: Import previously created file
    • Import Metadata From File: Import a previously created schema along with is metadata

    Import a Schema Options

  2. Magnet Studio can import an API from a remote service which will convert both requests and responses into the API. Select either Import from Rest or Import Object; this retrieves the API from JSON or xml payload.

    Import API

  3. Select Settings to define roles to the defined schema.


  4. When you are satisfied with your Data Object Model and Service API, push the schema to create assets by pressing Push to Server. Then press Download Assets (to download mobile assets as a .zip file) to get the files that contain your data model and API.

    Download Assets