Using Magnet Studio

After the server is running from your local installation (see Get Started with Magnet Message), perform the following steps to get started with building custom logic in Magnet Studio.

  1. Open Magnet Studio from your browser and launch the admin console at the following link:


  2. Use the default credentials to log in:

    • username: developer
    • password: temp123

    Sign In Screen

  3. The first time you log in a Get Started page opens. These instructions correspond to a pre-existing app already included with your installation of Magnet Max called "My First App" that allows you to interact with the the Magnet Max server.

    Get Started Screen

  4. You can access the assets and pre-created app code for this app project and two other sample apps ("HowTo" and "iApprove") included with your installation to use with your own projects.

    Project Assets and Code